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The woman who writes

Hello, dear Internets:

Welcome to the first entry to this blog. I feel that some explanation of method/approach is warranted.

I’ll be writing in chronological order to start.  Once I get to present day, entries will be current.

I am not going to use real names, as I respect (most of) the men I’ve dated, but anyone who knows me will be able to pick out who’s who.

Everybody’s going to be a “man who…”

If I stop writing for a period of time, assume one of the following:

  • I finally gave up on dating.
  • I’m dating someone exclusively, hence no new dates.
  • I’m just cranky/pissy/taking a break because dating sucks.

I’m open to comments and suggestions.  And maybe dates, if you found this blog by accident and are intrigued, impressed, or are here to rescue me.